Glasgow: Renfield St. Stephen's Church of Scotland, Chapel

Postcard of Glasgow: Renfield St. Stephen's Church of Scotland, Chapel. Click to view full image (new window)
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A rectangular window set into a wooden frame, installed onto a light box.

The Resurrection
This window depicts a risen Jesus wrapped in loose white garments, holding a thin pole. Two men in Roman armour are on the ground at Jesus’ right side. In the background, a view of three crosses are silhouetted by a yellow and orange sky.

This window was originally installed in Maxwell Parish Church, 113 Pollock Street, Glasgow, which was demolished around 1966-1969. This window, along with others were removed from the Church before demolition. This window has been resized and reworked in order to present this current panel in a light box. This is evident by the cropped pole, perhaps it originally contained a banner that Jesus is carrying. 1 of 4 windows in the Chapel.