Glasgow: St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church, Right Aisle

Postcard of Glasgow: St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church, Right Aisle. Click to view full image (new window)
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The Martyrdom of John de Britto

Window of one round headed lancet light.

This window depicts the moment previous to the Martyrdom of John de Britto. John de Britto is kneeling, with his arms folded, holding a cross with a Bible at his feet. John de Britto was a Portuguese Jesuit Priest who worked in India as part of the Madurai Mission. This mission was attempting to establish an Indian Catholic Church that was free of European cultural dominance. During his mission, he angered the Brahmins, a powerful religious caste of priest and teachers. The Brahmin executer holds aloft a curved sword. John de Britto died a martyr on 11 February 1693 and was canonized by Pope Pius XII on 22 June 1947. An angel/cherub is descending from heaven and shining the light of God to earth.

In the upper curved panel there is the letter of B. John de Britto and a symbolic crest or shield.

The bottom panel of the window contains an dedication in a rectangular frame which is surmounted with a putto. The dedication states: “Of your charity pray for the soul of Father Aitkinson S.J Born April 1st 1867 and died in Glasgow June 6th 1934 R.I.P. Given by the Married Women’s Sodality”.


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Who: Father Atkinson S.J (in memory of)
Unknown (artist)
What: Roman Catholic, Memorial Window
Where: Scotland, Glasgow, 25 Rose Street, St. Aloysius Church
St. Aloysius College
When: 07-Oct-14 (photograph taken)
apprx. late 1930s (installed)
Resource Rights Holder: Glasgow City Heritage Trust
Record ID: 000-000-764-038-C
Project Ref:
Material: glass, lead
Subject/Keywords: Martyr, Madurai, India, John De Britto, Man, angel, sword, Brahmin, putto
Photographer: Rachael Purse