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The Law and Theology Windows

Two windows of single lancet lights.

These two lights depict subjects studied within the University of Glasgow- Law and Theology.

Upper section: This section depicts a centaur, the symbol of Sagittarius.
Primary scene: This section depicts the Tree of Knowledge, a serpent, the blindfolded figure of Justice holding her sword and scales, and in the foreground Moses holding the tablets on which the Ten Commandments.
Lower section: This portion contains two crossed quills and a barrister’s wig and the inscription “Law”.

The Law window was dedicated in ___.

Upper section: This section contains a representation of Pisces as a figure gliding over water pouring from a vessel in its hands.
Primary scene: The section depicts two male figures dressed in contrasting coloured robes. One man holds a staff and a Mathematical symbol and the other holds a book and reaches out towards a patch of mushrooms. The inscription below them states; ‘We speak that we do not know and testify what we have seen’ (John 3:11).
Lower section: This portion contains the inscription “Theology”.

The Theology window was dedicated in 1934.

Douglas Strachan (1875-1950) was born in Aberdeen and educated at Robert Gordon’s College. Strachan took evening classes at Gray’s School of Art. He worked as an apprentice lithographer, a muralist, a portrait painter and then found his passion for Stained Glass as he worked on a commission in the early 20th century. Strachan’s first major design was for the Peace Palace in The Hague installed in 1929. He worked on many memorial windows, including the renowned designs for the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle, from 1923-1927.The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow was Strachan’s last major design effort, he died in 1950 in the midst of completing the entire scheme, with only 9 of the projected 18 windows completed.


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Who: Douglas Strachan (artist)
What: Interfaith
Where: Scotland, Glasgow, University of Glasgow, Gilmorehill Building, Memorial Chapel
When: 04-Nov-14 (photograph taken)
Unknown (installed)
Resource Rights Holder: Glasgow City Heritage Trust
Record ID: 000-000-764-055-C
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Subject/Keywords: Law, Theology, zodiac, tree of knowledge, justice, ten commandements, Sagittarius, Moses, figures, Gray's School of Art
Photographer: Rachael Purse