Edinburgh: St Giles' Cathedral Church of Scotland, Preston aisle

Postcard of Edinburgh: St Giles' Cathedral Church of Scotland, Preston aisle. Click to view full image (new window)
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The Conversion of Paul the Apostle/ Paul preaching

Window of five trefoil-headed lights arranged in two stages with tracery.

Upper stage:
This stage depicts the Conversion of Paul the Apostle.
Lower stage:
This stage depicts Paul the Apostle preaching.

Tracery: β€˜ Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?’

β€˜In memory of Duncan Monteith/Merchant Calcutta born at Thornhill 1812/ died at Edinburgh 1879/ Erected by his daughters/ Margaret Agnes and Sibla 1881.’

This window was installed at the end of the 19th Century.

James Ballantine and Son: (James: 1808-1877, Alexander: 1841-1906, James: 1878-1940) The founder James, was born in Edinburgh. He was apprenticed to a house-painter as a young man and had few advantages in the way of education. He later campaigned for the education of apprentices beyond the craft/trade they were learning. He also mixed paints as a young man for David Roberts, a scenic artist at the Theatre Royal. He continued by apprenticing in Stained Glass and established his own business (with an partner) in 1837. James was out spoken in leading the Stained Glass design aesthetic in Scotland and was incredibly prolific. His son Alexander took over the firm in 1877, he then trained his son James, who took over the firm in 1906.


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Who: James Ballantine and Son (Firm/Company)
What: Church of Scotland, Memorial Window
Where: High Kirk of Edinburgh
High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1RE
When: 01/07/2012 (photograph taken)
End 19th Century (installed)
Resource Rights Holder: Scottish Stained Glass Trust and Symposium
Record ID: 000-000-768-030-C
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Material: Glass, Lead, Paint, Stain
Dimensions: Approx 3 x 2m
Subject/Keywords: Conversion, Paul, Saul, blind, miracle, memorial window, male artist
Event: Duncan Monteith (In memory of)
Photographer: Elisa Conesa Martinez