Edinburgh: Greyfriars Tollbooth & Highland Kirk, Church of Scotland, Nave

Postcard of Edinburgh: Greyfriars Tollbooth & Highland Kirk, Church of Scotland, Nave. Click to view full image (new window)
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Memorial Window- Reverend James Finlayson (1758–1808)

Window of two lancet lights.

This window depicts a decorative grisaille design.

This window was donated by Principal John Lee (who had been a grateful pupil) of Edinburgh University and erected to the memory of James Finlayson, Minister of Old Greyfriars and Professor of Logic at the University of Edinburgh.

‘In Memoriam Reverendi et eximii viri Jacobi Finlayson, hujus parochiae pastoris ab anno 1793 ad annum 1800, etiamque per viginti annos Scientias Logicae et Metaphysicia Academica Edinensi Professoris eruditi et degiligentis, hoc monumentum erigi voluit discipulus gratus Johannes Lee, S.T.P.’

James Ballantine & Son: (James: 1808-1877, Alexander: 1841-1906, James: 1878-1940) The founder James, was born in Edinburgh. He was apprenticed to a house painter as a young man and had few advantages in the way of education. He later campaigned for the education of apprentices beyond the craft/trade they were learning. He also mixed paints as a young man for David Roberts, a scenic artist at the Theatre Royal. He continued by apprenticing in Stained Glass and established his own business with George Allan in 1837. James was out spoken in leading the Stained Glass design aesthetic in Scotland and was incredibly prolific. His son Alexander took over the firm in 1877, he then trained his son James, who took over the firm in 1906.


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Who: Ballantine & Son (Firm/Company)
What: Church of Scotland, Memorial Window
Where: Greyfriars Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2QQ
When: apprx 1860s (installed)
Jul-12 (photograph taken)
Resource Rights Holder: Scottish Stained Glass Trust and Symposium
Record ID: 000-000-769-023-C
Project Ref:
Material: Glass, Lead, Paint, Stain
Dimensions: Approx 3 x 1´5 m
Subject/Keywords: Edinburgh University, Professor of Logic, University of Edinburgh, latin, grisaille
Event: Reverend James Finlayson (1758–1808) (In Memory of)
Photographer: Elisa Conesa Martinez