Edinburgh:Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church of Scotland, South Transept

Postcard of Edinburgh:Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church of Scotland, South Transept. Click to view full image (new window)
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The Kingdom of Heaven

Window of three round top lancet lights.

This window depicts the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lancet 1:
This lancet depicts an angel holding a crown, while the angel below blows a trumpet.

Lancet 2:
This lancet depicts Jesus Christ seated on a throne holding an orb and scepter, surrounded by two angels. At his feet are six men and women- the blessed and below an angel reads from the Scripture.

Lancet 3:
This lancet depicts a figure of an angel, a Soldier of Christ, armed with a flaming sword and shield, below an angel unlocking the chain of injustice.

Lancet 1:
‘Come, ye blessed of…’
Lancet 2:
‘…my Father, inherit the kingdom…’
Lancet 3:
‘…prepared for you’. (Matthew 25:34)

‘In loving memory of John Sutherland M.D. L.R.C.S Born Edinburgh Decr. 15 1808 Died Norwood July 14 189_ /’Seest thou a man diligent in his business he shall stand before kings.’ Prov XXII:29 Dedicated by his Sister June 1902’

(Information provided by “The Mayfield Salisbury Windows- ‘Thy Story in Glass’.” Dr. Elizabeth Cumming 2010).

Ballantine and Gardiner- (Partnership: 1892-1905) This was a successful partnership between Alexander Ballantine (1841-1906) (son of James Ballantine) and Herbert Gardiner ( - ) of Leicester. They were incredibly prolific for their short partnership together.


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Who: Ballantine and Gardiner (Firm/Company)
What: Church of Scotland, Memorial Window
Where: 18 West Mayfield, Edinburgh, EH9 1TQ
When: 1902 (installed)
Jul-12 (photograph taken)
Resource Rights Holder: Scottish Stained Glass Trust and Symposium
Record ID: 000-000-769-052-C
Project Ref:
Material: Glass, Lead, Paint, Stain
Dimensions: Approx: 3 x 2m
Subject/Keywords: Glory, Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus Christ, King, throne, orb, scepter, angels, the blessed, reading, soldier of Christ, flaming sword, shield, unlocking, key, chain, trumpet, crown,
Event: John Sutherland MD, LCRS by his sister (In memory of)
Photographer: Elisa Conesa Martinez