Edinburgh: St Anne´s Corstorphine Church of Scotland: Apse

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The Ascension

Window of one round headed light.

This window depicts the Ascension of Jesus Christ. God the father and choirs of angels can be seen in the heaven above Jesus. To the feet of Jesus Christ are two Disciples, and two his sides are blue angels. The lower section depicts Jesus Christ blessing his followers in a field.

‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ (John 14:6)
‘Ye shall be witnesses unto me’. (Acts 1:8 KJV)

Gordon Webster (1908-1987) was born in Glasgow, the son of Alf Webster, a renowned Stained Glass Artist and inheritor of Stephen Adam Studio. Alf Webster died in WWI when Gordon was 6 years. The Studio was kept running due to MCM Webster (Alf’s widow) and Douglas Hamilton, Alf Webster’s assistant. Gordon was trained by Douglas Hamilton and took control of the studio in the late 1920s. Alf’s designs were used to begin with, but by the mid 1930s, Gordon developed his own style which proved to be effective and successful.


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Who: Gordon Webster (Artist/Designer)
Where: Kaimes Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6JR
When: 1953 (installed)
Jul-12 (photograph taken)
Resource Rights Holder: Scottish Stained Glass Trust and Symposium
Record ID: 000-000-773-029-C
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Material: Glass, Lead, Paint, Stain
Dimensions: Approx 3 x 08m
Subject/Keywords: Ascension, heaven, Jesus Christ, God the Father, crown, lamb of god, angles, choir, blue angels, disciples, blessing
Photographer: Elisa Conesa Martinez