Edinburgh: Morningside Parish Church of Scotland

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Life of Jesus

Window of four lancet lights with tracery.

This window depicts Jesus Christ performing miracles and events during his life.

Lancet 1:
This lancet depicts Jesus Christ raising Lazarus from the dead with Mary Bethany and Martha standing by.
Lancet 2:
This lancet depicts Jesus Christ teaching the crowds.
Lancet 3:
This lancet depicts Jesus Christ feeding the multitudes with bread and fish.
Lancet 4:
This lancet depicts Jesus Christ commissioning the Disciples.

Lancet 1:
‘Oh grave, where is they victory?’ (1 Corinthians 15:55 KJV)
Lancet 2:
‘He taught them as one having authority’. (Matthew 7:29 KJV)
Lancet 3:
‘They need not depart, give ye them to eat’. (Matthew 14:16 KJV)
Lancet 4:
‘As my Father hath sent me let me send you’. (John 20:21 KJV)


Percy Bacon & Co, later Percy Bacon Brothers (Percy Charles 1860-1935, Charles Percy 1860-____) The twin brothers were born in Ipswich. Percy Charles was trained in painting and sculpture. He founded his own firm, based in London, by 1890 and by 1892 he was joined in the business by his twin brother Charles Percy and another brother. The studio continued through just before WWII. Their work is found in the UK and abroad including Australia, Canada and the United States.


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Who: Percy Bacon and Co., London (Firm/Company)
What: Church of Scotland
Where: Cluny Gardens, Edinburgh, EH10 4DN
When: 1905 (installed)
Jul-12 (photograph taken)
Resource Rights Holder: Scottish Stained Glass Trust and Symposium
Record ID: 000-000-769-069-C
Project Ref:
Material: Glass, Lead, Paint, Stain
Dimensions: Approx 6 x 4m
Subject/Keywords: Jesus Christ, disciples, fish, Mary Bethany, Martha, crowd, fish, bread, mulitudes, commission
Photographer: Elisa Conesa Martinez